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New Pet Grooming 3 IN 1 Electric Brush

New Pet Grooming 3 IN 1 Electric Brush

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Steamy Cat Brush Features:

✔️Steamy cat brush features a one-click spray function, which helps prevent flying hair during the grooming process.
✔️Spiral design, which effectively absorbs hair without causing any harm or discomfort to the pet's skin.
✔️3 in 1 steamy cat brush functionality is impressive. It not only removes floating hair but also serves as a cleansing tool and a
✔️Massage cat brush be beneficial for stimulating blood circulation and promoting relaxation in your pet, making the grooming
experience more enjoyable for them.
✔️The cat steamy brush's teeth are made of silicone, ensuring that they are soft and gentle on your pet's skin.
✔️Rechargeable design for worry-free battery life

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