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6 axis heavy industrial robot robotic welding machine arm for weld controller

6 axis heavy industrial robot robotic welding machine arm for weld controller

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Robotic Arm Industrial Industrial Manipulator Machine Robot Arm Industrial Robot Arm Price Servo Motor For Industria

Robot Specifications
Model No.MR10-1440
Controlled axis 6-DOF
Max payload 10 kg
Max stroke 1440mm
IP Level J1, J2-IP56; J3, J4, J5, J6-- IP67
Installation mode Floor type, ceiling type
Robot mass 172 kg
Repeatability ±0.05 mm
Plasma cutting machines IGBT LGK-120A, Huyuan brand
Travel range
J1 axis S ±160°
J2 axis L +80°~-145°
J3 axis U+145°~-75°
J4 axis R ±190°
J5 axis B +50°~-210°
J6 axis T ±230°

Travel speed
J1 axis S 199.5 ˚/s
J2 axis L 159.3 ˚/s
J3 axis U 199.5 ˚/s
J4 axis R 392 ˚/s
J5 axis B 272 ˚/s
J6 axis T 1000 ˚/s

Electrical cabinet specifications
Dimensions 650*460*580mm
Cabinet Mass 50KG
Cooling method
Natural cooling
IP Level
Input power
220VAC 50/60Hz
I/O signal
16-in / 16-out 24VDC; 2 analog output 0~10V
Serial port I/F
RS485*1, RS422*1, RS232*1, CAN*1, USB*1
RAM capacity
JOB 200,000 steps (200MB)
PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.
Installation environment
Ambient temperature 0~45°C
0~80%RH, no condensing
Below 0.5G
Below 1000m

Other requirements
With no corrosive or combustible gas
● With no water, oil or drug splashing
● With no electromagnetic field nearby
● With no radiations nearby
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