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aspirateur robot with Laser Navigation ABIR X8

aspirateur robot with Laser Navigation ABIR X8

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Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner, 2500Pa Super Power Suction &Wi-Fi Connectivity and Laser Smart Navigating Robot Vacuum Lidar

1. Wifi APP Controlled
 - Real-Time Construction Map
 - Compatibale with Amazon Alexa&Google Home
 - Support Users in 234 countries and regions
2. Lidar + SLAM Dual Location
 - 5cm-8m Radar Range
 - Real-Time Object Detection Scans and Maps the room, plans, and methodically cleans according to Map.
3. Energy-Save Design;
4. Smart Electric-Controlled Water Tank
 - AI Chip to control water's permeation, allows water to flow only during movement.
 - 3 levels permeation speed for your choice.
5. TOF Border Sensor
6. BreakPoint Resume Cleaning
7. Hand Drawing Virtual Wall on APP
8. Drawing Cleaning Area on APP
9. Real Time Positioning
10. Automatic Detection of soft &hard ground systems to improve product path stability and cleaning coverage
11. Imported Japanese Nidec Brushless Motor;
12. Three Levels Adjustable Suction Power /Water Tank Level
- Mute,Nomal & Max
13. UV Sterilization
14. Super Wide Off-Road Wheels
 -helps robot crosses obstacles up to 1.8cm height
15. Remote controller
16. Electrical and Mechanical Double Anti-collision Design;
17. One Bottom Operation;
18. Auto Charge When Low Battery;
19. Ultra Thin Body: 7.6cm
20. Voice Guidance
21. Innovated Tangle-free Dual Side Brushes;
22. Anti-Winding V shape Floating Roller Brush;
23. Double Filter(Primary and HEPA);
24. Time Schedule Cleaning System;
25. Anti-Falling System;
26. Noise Leven: <50db;
27. In-Mold Decoration (IMD) surface
28. Perfectly adapted to various floors like wooden floor, carpets, tiles and marbles etc.

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