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Car Truck Electrical System Diagnostic Tool Battery Load Power Tester JDiag P100

Car Truck Electrical System Diagnostic Tool Battery Load Power Tester JDiag P100

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JDiag P100 Electrical System Circuit Tester test car battery voltage, AC and DC voltage test, resistance, leakage, short circuit, components activation Overload protection etc.with large battery clip, can carry more load.Support wide input voltage range from 9V to 70V, also support 12V cars and 24V trucks.

1.Voltage & Polarity Testing-Determine DC/AC Voltage and Postive/Negative quickly.

2.Resistance Continuity Testing- LCD Screen display the value of resistance.

3.AC Circuit Singal Testing- Fast to trubleshoot the sensors circuit problem.

4.Components Activation in your hand, in the vehicle or W/Ground.

5.Testing Trailer Lights.

6. Built-in Flashlight enables you to work in the dark.

7.Checking for Bad Ground Contacts and Locating Short Circuits,allowing you to follow and locate shorts fast without wasting fuses.

8.The tool's long cable allows you to test along the entire length of the vehicle without constantly searching for suitable vehicle grounds.

9.There are four modes to diagnose the electrical systems, which can be accessed by depressing the Mode Button and cycling through each one

Language Support: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian

Test Tool


DC voltage range : 0-65V +1 digit

Resistance range : 0-200 K ohm

Frequency response of tone pass through 0Hz to 10K hz.

Circuit Breaker Rating current: 1-10 Amp

Testing Standard:

100% current : no trip

150% current: trip in one hour

200% current: trip in 3-30 seconds.

300% current: trip in 0.5-4.16 seconds.




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